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Wow... what a year. Australia started the year with fire burning a significant portion of our beautiful bushland and wildlife with smoke choking the skies and people unable to go outside and enjoy their summers. In February, we experienced significant rainfall which extinguished most of the fires and allowed the rest to be contained. 

In March, I had a housewarming for the new place my partner and I moved into in January, as well as doing a 16km bike ride with some friends. That was a significant win for me since I hadn't ridden a bike in nearly 10 years and I managed to push on for the biggest loop around Lake Burley Griffin on an e-bike. Shortly after, though, all of Australia went into lockdown due to COVID-19 and I worked from home full time from late March all the way through to mid-November, which was nice because I could use my lunch breaks to improve my drawing skills but also not so great because I started stacking on the weight and by the time I stepped on the scales at the end of August, I'd put on 10kg.

After that, my partner and I both embarked on a weight loss journey to become stronger and fitter. We started walking every day and eating smaller portions. I've been calorie counting but my partner not so much since she's just happier being a bit healthier overall whilst I want to lose 30kg by the time I'm 30 in August next year. We're 4 months in now and I have lost nearly 17kg and gained a lot of fitness. We did a nearly 6km walk around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve to check out the Christmas lights which is way more than we could've done even 2 months ago.

2019 Recap

A recap of my 2019. Image: A photo study from 2019

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Time again for another of these posts. The last one is only 2 or 3 posts down from this one because I've had a hell of a year and just haven't found time to update this blog as much as I'd have liked.

I made that 2018 post about halfway through December and as part of the goals that I set there, I actually rejigged my house around and turned our guest bedroom into a room for art... on Christmas Day (picture after the jump) and it was amazing. Finally having a dedicated space for my art was just awesome.

2018 Recap

A recap of my 2018. Picture: McLaren Vale, Adelaide, South Australia.

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Every year, usually sometime in December, I do a post *somewhere* about how my year has been and since it's December, it's time for a recap of my year. My 2018 kind of feels like it started around November 2017 in a way because that's when I started putting into motion a lot of the things that paid off this year. In November 2017, I decided that I wanted to move on from my comfortable but ultimately unfulfilling admin job. It was thanks to that job that I realised my true passion was for solving problems and that my original trajectory, before I went to university for design, was the best way to achieve that. That is, I wanted a job in IT. It was also in November 2017 that I decided to begin studying for my Cisco CCENT (ICND1) which is the first half of the arguably better known CCNA certification. This was my first time studying for a certification outside of an educational institute and I was a little concerned about how long it would be before I gave up on it. At that time, I had a lot of trouble with committing to projects and putting the time in to see them to completion. I’d also never really had to study properly in my life and kind of cruised by in TAFE and university.